Anthesis AR

Client Gray Area Art & Technology Incubator, San Francisco, CA
Role Concept, Design, Development
Tech AR (Augmented Reality), 3D Modeling
tools Maya, Unity, Photoshop
Project Overview
Anthesis is a digital plant avatar the can be displayed as a holographic illusion. The appearance of the flower avatar is determined by a series of questions posed to the viewer. The outcome is a diagnosis as one of four archetypes. The corresponding flower and unique bloom sequence is then played for the viewer.

It is intended to provide an opportunity for self reflection as the viewer sees themselves represented symbolically in the blooming flower.
Physical Build
I constructed the a structure for the showcase exhibition using a monitor (sitting on top, screen facing down), plexiglass sheets (the pyramid shape that reflects the monitor above), and wood repurposed from a side table.
The incubation of this project was essential in its evolution and eventual success. Beyond the technical expertise, there was encouragement of the development of an artistic practice.
Visual development
I developed a visual language to use alongside the archetypes the viewer will be able to embody in future versions of anthesis. The flower used in the hologram demo is a visualization of the supplicant archetype.  The begging bowl inspired concentric petal growth symbolizes a state of mental surrender to the simplicity and emptiness of the present moment. The metaphor is furthered by the representation of an organic object in a digital format.

The first incarnation of this work in progress is as a hologram utilizing the illusion. The flower geometry is created, textured and animated in Maya. The firefly particle effect was added in After Effects.